Friday, August 8, 2008

Family Fun in DC

What a fun time we had. It started on Sunday when Kallee and me and the 4 kids took off on our long drive to North Carolina to See the Biltmore Mansion. It really is quite huge. It took about 2 hours to go through it. Then the next day on to the beach. I had such a great time. I told Kallee we need to go on a trip every year with the kids. We got to DC on Tues night and Kory and Tiffini and Hailey and Kipp were there. What fun to see them, and cute little Hailey. The next day we got up slow and had waffles which we had every morning. We went to Great Falls and rode on the canal boat. It was quite interesting going through the locks and being pulled by mules. We went to the Air Force concert but left early because we were tired and the music was different. Thursday we braved the metro and went down to the muesums, they are quite interesting, and it takes a long time to see everything. Kam and Lisa and Ellie came in on Thursday night. So of course they had to play a game of settlers. Friday we got a real slow start and went to walk the mall and see all of the monuments. I bet we walked at least 4 to 5 miles. But we saw the Lincoln memorial, Viet Nam Wall, World War II memorial, and the White House. Plus the capital from a distance. It is really quite a pretty city. Sat. we went to Mount Vernon and had a good day there. Such a pretty place. Sunday Kallee left with the kids to go home. I miss them. Then the rest of us drove up to Gettysburg. It is such a pretty and peaceful place. The day was so nice, We stopped and got ice cream and fudge. Monday we took the metro again to downtown. We went to the Holocust museum. How sad that people can treat other people so bad. It was really interesting and made me think how blessed we are to live in a free country. Then we walked up to Ford's theater but it was closed, then to the spy museum. Tues we went to Arlington Cemetary and the tomb of the unkown soldier. Then we stopped at the huge mall by the airport and got something to eat, then sadly to the airport. It was Christmas in July and that was the best present I had with the kids on a real vacation. Next stop Disney World. I can't wait.