Thursday, August 13, 2009

Road Trip

Well tomorrow we are going to Mississippi. Rich will be there for 1 day then drive back to Tenn. I will stay and help Kam get ready to move. Kipp is going to come and help us drive to Utah. Yeah! A road trip with my 2 sons. That should be very interesting and long. It is around 30 hours to drive. Then I will stay with Kory and get to see little Hailey. Rich will come out around the 30th visit, then get together with his brothers to go on a Wild Hogs ride, on motorcyles. I can't wait to hear about that adventure. Then we will go to Hurricane's Peach Days and leave on Sunday the 6th. So by then I will be glad to get home. We have been having fun in Tenn. Riding our bikes and walking my dog. We went to a Smokies ballgame last night and it was a perfect night to sit and relax. We decided that baseball is such a slow game but it is relaxing. Here are a few pictures.